The requirements for accountancy support depend on the type, size and strategy of your enterprise. You decide what you need and we provide tailor-made support from partial solutions to comprehensive assistance. From our list of services, choose and combine the modules that suit you best:

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Financial Accounting

  • Setting up the accounting base, keeping accounts
  • Preparing interim and end-of-year accounts in accordance with different accounting standards (OR/Swiss Code of Obligations, Swiss core FER)
  • Financial and liquidity planning
  • Budget and cost planning, key indicator analysis, cost accounting
  • Assuming accountancy tasks (temporarly) to bridge staff shortages
  • VAT administration
  • Advice and support to improve financial, accounting, controlling and organizational processes
  • Recording of customer invoices, manually or automatically
  • Setting up payment schedules and payment runs
  • Checking and recording of signed-off supplier invoices
  • Setting up payment schedules and payment runs


Personnel Administration

  • Regular updating of key personnel data
  • Monthly salary processing and pay slips
  • Social and personnel insurance administration
  • Salary statements
  • Notifying social insurances and partners of staff data changes
  • Support in finding a suitable insurance solution
  • Filing, introduction and settlement of short-time labour
  • Support in labour law-related issues and disputes



We offer limited audits for small and medium-sized entities, foundation audits for non-cash capital contributions and acquisition of assets upon foundation and "Due Diligence".

Definitiv licensing from the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA) of Switzerland as auditor (Registry-number: 500040 / 100034)


Business and Law Consulting

You would like to incorporate a company or you own a business already, but its legal form no longer meets all your requirements? Choosing the right legal structure is of most importance. Just ask us and we we'll explain the pros and cons, synergetic effects and potential for optimisation. 

Your are seeking advice and consultation on a prenuptial agreement or you'd like to settle inheritance matters early on. We'll be glad to assist you. 

In terms of debt restructuring, financial consulting, comprehensive advice and support, private individuals' needs are as individual as themselves. That's why we offer customized solutions - form single services to complex solutions.

Our services include for example:

  • Incorporations (all legal forms)
  • Change of legal form (sole proprietorship to legal entity, limited liability company to stock corporation etc.)
  • Mergers and spin-offs
  • Liquidation
  • Domicilation
  • Prenuptial agreements and last wills and testaments
  • Inheritance contracts
  • Inheritance law
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Asset liquidation
  • Representation in inheritance matters
  • Advice in personal matters: We manage your day-to-day administrative matters
  • Business support and secretarial  assistance
  • Comprehensive consultancy and coordination of tax and financial issues 


Tax Consulting

With regard to taxes, companies and individuals are often facing problems, especially when major changes are lying ahead. As tax experts we are used to deal with such concerns. You will benefit from our professional and comprehensive support, providing answers that in the long run will move you and your buisness forward. Our services include for example:

  • Tax advising and planning for individuals
  • Tax advising and planning for companies
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns in Switzerland including inter-cantonal and international allocation of taxes
  • Checking of tax bills and tax assessments
  • Preparation of objections, appeals and complaints
  • Representation in tax matters
  • Inter-cantonal an international tax issues and tax optimisation
  • Advice on annual accounts closing considering relevant taxation factors
  • Support and advice with regard to withholding tax as well as Swiss and European VAT
  • Assistance during tax audits as well as dealing with auditors of tax authorities
  • Evalution of VAT liability
  • Assistance during VAT audits


Real estate management und selling real estate




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